Corrupted the crops.
Crops were picked – The destroyed lot.

One mother of nasty bliss.
But the real ‘Bliss’ didn’t reach those kids.

They’ll never be a stop.

At one click – they drop.

Dispense and dissolve particles of life.

The children, they suffer and cry throughout their nights.

In which we cannot plus.
Donald Trump, George Bush, The Clintons which the uneducated trust.
Three and three equals seven in a world so corrupt.

I wrote this a few years ago whilst I was walking around War Remnants Museum in (Saigon) Ho Chi Minh City I was viewing as much of the photographs and videos as I could bear – most of which spoke of Agent Orange and it made me think about life and how nothing truly changes other than that the violence increases. Power hungry, false idols yet now the news wouldn’t report the truth. Just look at Julian Assange, he exposed two US Army soldiers for murdering innocents and he’s the criminal. The truth should always be exposed and not hidden away and ignored.


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