Corrupted the crops.
Crops were picked – The destroyed lot.

One mother of nasty bliss.
But the real ‘Bliss’ didn’t reach those kids.

They’ll never be a stop.

At one click – they drop.

Dispense and dissolve particles of life.

The children, they suffer and cry throughout their nights.

In which we cannot plus.
Donald Trump, George Bush, The Clintons which the uneducated trust.
Three and three equals seven in a world so corrupt.

I wrote this a few years ago whilst I was walking around War Remnants Museum in (Saigon) Ho Chi Minh City I was viewing as much of the photographs and videos as I could bear – most of which spoke of Agent Orange and it made me think about life and how nothing truly changes other than that the violence increases. Power hungry, false idols yet now the news wouldn’t report the truth. Just look at Julian Assange, he exposed two US Army soldiers for murdering innocents and he’s the criminal. The truth should always be exposed and not hidden away and ignored.



My nightmares are haunted by your beauty.
I lay awake well past the early hours,
I am surrounded by your whispers of my name.

An echo of a memory on repeat.

An echo of a never ending fantasy.

But an echo which day-to-day grows closer to fading away.

I can smell you on my sheets.
Though they’ve been cleaned one thousand times since you left.
I can recall you in my mind.
I can feel your warmth by my side.
And I can see your smile.

Though I don’t discard the truth.

The truth as to why I deserved to lose.

I just hope I never lose these real thoughts that I have of you.

© HT


Still Love

I’ve spent many nights away from her
I have tarnished all my thoughts.
We asked for the revolution. 
But, we were left with the war.
We looked in one another’s eyes –

and, the love still roared.

I picture you beside me still,
though I try to hide the proof.
You enquired about religion,
when I asked for the truth.
Then we fell – sat upon these floors
And I was still much surer then –

That the love of ours still roared.

© HT


I really need someone, 
to watch the Azura nights
and the darkened gaze,
to stop the world from falling into those on coming waves.

I really need someone
to think about on my lonesome days,
someone to love,
When truth is found to live freely our own way.

Someone to hang on 
when my thoughts are heavy
and my legs aren’t too strong,
to kiss beneath linen sheets where most men were wrong.

I need someone 
to break my chains
and free me to follow on
to love and to be loved, to hide as if loving you were wrong.

I think about you now and then
but I don’t know your name,
you’re always inside my head
keeping me up in the endless howling rain.

If I could ask for why you smile 
Would you smile at me again?
Would you hand me down your dress
and save me from my pain?

For I know i loved you.
As soon as I saw your face.

I really need someone like you.

© HT