The blinded child before me!
He sees all HE needs to SEE!
The truth face of mother earth
Burnt out and fucked.

Enough is enough!
The tongue captures before the mouth fades
Fades memories wanted before those early graves
We’re all soldiers and we’re all stars
Awaiting someone to align with ours.

Myself, A home, A tomb –
Controlled by no-one, 
except by that beautiful brunette,
staring from across the room.

Trapped with the fake, needless –
aberrations, of my mind,
I am a loser shines a little bit but 
at least it doesn’t seem to rhyme.

The reflections from the industrial sink –
The catch of materials, gripped by the tongues.
The less you know the better –
How can one ideology be so wrong.

The repeating streets.
Strained cigar humidity.
Bad attitudes.
An excuse for new lingo.
Natural selection.
The only selection we can’t control.
The only selection which has no hatred – 
toward sex, race and religion is the new rock’n’roll
Yeah, I don’t really believe in God.
One could say I don’t believe in being reborn.
I believe you can, and you will.



Still Love

I’ve spent many nights away from her
I have tarnished all my thoughts.
We asked for the revolution. 
But, we were left with the war.
We looked in one another’s eyes –

and, the love still roared.

I picture you beside me still,
though I try to hide the proof.
You enquired about religion,
when I asked for the truth.
Then we fell – sat upon these floors
And I was still much surer then –

That the love of ours still roared.

© HT


Waiting for the alarm clock,
To wake me from a sleepless night.
Untouched gravel outside,
Awaiting the restless feet of the passerby.
Where are you – when I’m waiting?

I don’t know who I am –
I don’t know what I am for
But these unknown pleasures –
these unknown thoughts want more.
And I’m not too sure –
I’m what they’re looking for.

My windowsill is black –
My life could just be a gas –
All I see –
And All I do don’t satisfy.
Are these thoughts I’m feeling –
Part of I.

The echo voices are near –
From somewhere close to here
But these unknown pleasures –
These unknown thoughts they aren’t mine.
And I’m not too sure –
What keeps me up at night.

Unknown pleasures,
This unknown world,
Those unknown thoughts –
Which nobody knows.
These unknown pleasure,
These unknown thoughts are mine.

We shared a kiss upon 
A slip stream of bliss.
I’m sure everybody’s heard of this 
You caught me in-between all your wit.

You got me so high
How’d you expect me to climb back down.
I’m sure I am able to cope
Without you your soul around.

In that back catalogue
Of this sunny afternoon.
I’m having to get lit
To remain in the mood.

And, Isn’t it funny what we’ll do
Just to bite one another lips.
To the sound of somebody else’s tune.

© HT


I have reoccupied the morning. After a few hours resting the ye olde eyes –
I. Have. Awoken. Shamefully but gracefully. I have woke to a reel of past memories performing a skipping segment of each of their tricks. Of which I try to escape but to no luck – my mind is already captivated and held ransom by you again.
I try understand how another person can take your bastard mind hostage for what could possibly be an eternity and an eternity, of which, I cannot afford to pay.

But, on a side note: If one could gaze upon your shades and hear your voice split the frequencies, I would.

I relive heartbreak day in-and out.
I think about your hair, and the kisses –
You gave me.

I think about your hand running along my back.
And the laugh I helped produce –
And soon as I see happiness,
As soon I experience it –
I realise everything I’ve lost about you.

And it’s been that way for years now,
But that just doesn’t change the way I feel.
One makes mistakes, and yes, I made a few.
But no matter how many people I have,

There’s only ever going to be you.

For in this life time I have failed you but in the next I won’t give it half a chance.

One thing time has allowed me to realise is who the fuck cares for anything else.