The blinded child before me!
He sees all HE needs to SEE!
The truth face of mother earth
Burnt out and fucked.

Enough is enough!
The tongue captures before the mouth fades
Fades memories wanted before those early graves
We’re all soldiers and we’re all stars
Awaiting someone to align with ours.

Myself, A home, A tomb –
Controlled by no-one, 
except by that beautiful brunette,
staring from across the room.

Trapped with the fake, needless –
aberrations, of my mind,
I am a loser shines a little bit but 
at least it doesn’t seem to rhyme.

The reflections from the industrial sink –
The catch of materials, gripped by the tongues.
The less you know the better –
How can one ideology be so wrong.

The repeating streets.
Strained cigar humidity.
Bad attitudes.
An excuse for new lingo.
Natural selection.
The only selection we can’t control.
The only selection which has no hatred – 
toward sex, race and religion is the new rock’n’roll
Yeah, I don’t really believe in God.
One could say I don’t believe in being reborn.
I believe you can, and you will.



I might of skipped the part when you said you loved me
Jumping in and out of all the those jokes
I always try to think about you nicely,
But, I haven’t any thoughts of you with clothes.
You told me it would be forever
I told you, it’s the way it goes
Don’t try and think of me tonight girl
Cos in them thoughts you’ll be all alone.

There was an old Elvis impersonator,
who barely fit the clothes,
the lenses of his shades broken,
and his voice not the proper tone.

There was a couple who were to be married,
but hadn’t spoke a word,
eyes facing opposite sides,
neither where they preferred. 

I thought about you in the candlelight,
as the sun eclipsed my moon,
I waltz all through the night,
even on my own.

You made me more than happy,
catching kisses you had blown,
as I see the world from sidelines,
From our cement brick home.

© HT


I have decided after a weeks worth of elongated thoughts (if one gets this unsocial job) to save up my earned profit and just travel the majority of the world by train and with my guitar in hand.
(After I buy an acoustic) Perform, write and meet people.
I’m very uninspired back home and no-doubt will remain uninspired as I long to be any place else. America would be somewhere I could happily live but due to the difficultly in grasping a career there I can only hope I bump into something on the road, as that place seems difficult.
I think it’s a great idea though. I’ve visited a few places before, and wouldn’t mind seeing most the world before I’m twenty-five. Defiantly be a great source of inspiration, for screenplays and music in general.

I had shaved my head, 
and I took upon yours,
I have travelled on tours,
and kept my lips shut,
I have lived in the shades, 
and ignored the war at gates.
The war between the people,
who don’t know love or hate.
I haven’t yet seen it all.

My hair has grown back,
my services done.
The war between two people,
still going on.
I can see through your lies,
see through your shame.
Just as I see through,
my windows panes.
I haven’t yet seen it all.

Airdropping acid for soldiers on the lines. 

Allowing them time to escape their minds.

Whilst the General hands them fines.

Fines, for pornographic photographs,

Of lovers on their shrines.

© HT

ACT V – At Night

The look upon their faces when they were refused entry into that club. You know –
One of them clubs with your environmental aspects of your unfavourite shows.

The sweet, smell of sweat and temptation in the atmosphere. I could decide where I was by that presence alone. The disappointment in the growls of the disappointed people was just a back up.

The lights flashing like a mini Shanghai in your POV retina display. Like an advert from the telemarketing channel – A breakdown in communication, one could say.

It was a place where everybody could enjoy their blow with shaky aberrations.
The thrown together compartment of isolated security.

Then, as the night progresses. The night begun to spin off to the sound of a repetitive drum and embers of light begun beaconing above the skyline of the city.

I watch from the sidelines and assess what it is, what I don’t know.
Watching girl, boy, dog, cat, car, the late night closing cafe bars.
Drunkards spitting their tongues with a giant ‘Uh ah!’
All these people uncertain with where they are.

Its hard to pin point the realistic thoughts within today’s society –
Alongside the intangible fantasies that one person might have.

Its hard to be good and it’s ever so easy to be bad.