The Light

The light which gazes upon me
pleased and warm

The trees which wither and wave
torment my soul

Innocence which is blinded by –
unconscious thought

Comes into the light and grows.

The encircling seas divide my days
lonely and naked

Nature spins her web and forces us
to think

At life which begins to pass us by –
inhabitable dens of insanity

Comes into the light and grows.

What are loves moments of peace 
for decades at war

The voices which once echoed 
are blocked by the vines

Innocence which is lost in – 
unconscious thought

Comes into the light and goes.



The blinded child before me!
He sees all HE needs to SEE!
The truth face of mother earth
Burnt out and fucked.

Enough is enough!
The tongue captures before the mouth fades
Fades memories wanted before those early graves
We’re all soldiers and we’re all stars
Awaiting someone to align with ours.

Myself, A home, A tomb –
Controlled by no-one, 
except by that beautiful brunette,
staring from across the room.

Trapped with the fake, needless –
aberrations, of my mind,
I am a loser shines a little bit but 
at least it doesn’t seem to rhyme.

The reflections from the industrial sink –
The catch of materials, gripped by the tongues.
The less you know the better –
How can one ideology be so wrong.

The repeating streets.
Strained cigar humidity.
Bad attitudes.
An excuse for new lingo.
Natural selection.
The only selection we can’t control.
The only selection which has no hatred – 
toward sex, race and religion is the new rock’n’roll
Yeah, I don’t really believe in God.
One could say I don’t believe in being reborn.
I believe you can, and you will.



Places remain, where thoughts change.
But thoughts remain, in places all the same

Strange Days/Sombre Nights
How could I ever let you walk away?
With that smile cracked upon your face,
What a wonderful mistake.
So calm down and put your records on,
I want to, listen to strange days with you.
It’s my favourite band.

Cos all these strange days 
And sombre nights –
Wont lead you to your paradise.
So take a dip in the sea- 

So take a dip in the sea- 
Do you really feel free?
You best repeat after me.
Do you really free free?

I could of sworn I’d seen your face before.
The midnight cheater,
From the day-time taxi rank war,
And, though I try without any thought,
Revert my eyes,
I can’t keep my sights off the score.
At least I can’t see too straight anymore.



Up North
Them closed doors might keep him out
But they won’t keep out your thoughts.

You watch the wild horses run
Past your windows and past your porch.

You can’t wait for the sun to come down
And, show the world what you once taught.

To the masses and, to the few
There is much more to life than war.

I’ve read it in the papers and I’ve seen the news
They get shy at just the thought.

Well if only you told me what you knew
We’d be long gone outta here, I’m pretty sure.

But as time bleeds away into one
Fortress of lost and pure.

I spend my remains nights
Following broken tracks up north.



Corrupted the crops.
Crops were picked – The destroyed lot.

One mother of nasty bliss.
But the real ‘Bliss’ didn’t reach those kids.

They’ll never be a stop.

At one click – they drop.

Dispense and dissolve particles of life.

The children, they suffer and cry throughout their nights.

In which we cannot plus.
Donald Trump, George Bush, The Clintons which the uneducated trust.
Three and three equals seven in a world so corrupt.

I wrote this a few years ago whilst I was walking around War Remnants Museum in (Saigon) Ho Chi Minh City I was viewing as much of the photographs and videos as I could bear – most of which spoke of Agent Orange and it made me think about life and how nothing truly changes other than that the violence increases. Power hungry, false idols yet now the news wouldn’t report the truth. Just look at Julian Assange, he exposed two US Army soldiers for murdering innocents and he’s the criminal. The truth should always be exposed and not hidden away and ignored.



My nightmares are haunted by your beauty.
I lay awake well past the early hours,
I am surrounded by your whispers of my name.

An echo of a memory on repeat.

An echo of a never ending fantasy.

But an echo which day-to-day grows closer to fading away.

I can smell you on my sheets.
Though they’ve been cleaned one thousand times since you left.
I can recall you in my mind.
I can feel your warmth by my side.
And I can see your smile.

Though I don’t discard the truth.

The truth as to why I deserved to lose.

I just hope I never lose these real thoughts that I have of you.

© HT