Places remain, where thoughts change.
But thoughts remain, in places all the same

Strange Days/Sombre Nights
How could I ever let you walk away?
With that smile cracked upon your face,
What a wonderful mistake.
So calm down and put your records on,
I want to, listen to strange days with you.
It’s my favourite band.

Cos all these strange days 
And sombre nights –
Wont lead you to your paradise.
So take a dip in the sea- 

So take a dip in the sea- 
Do you really feel free?
You best repeat after me.
Do you really free free?

I could of sworn I’d seen your face before.
The midnight cheater,
From the day-time taxi rank war,
And, though I try without any thought,
Revert my eyes,
I can’t keep my sights off the score.
At least I can’t see too straight anymore.



I really need someone, 
to watch the Azura nights
and the darkened gaze,
to stop the world from falling into those on coming waves.

I really need someone
to think about on my lonesome days,
someone to love,
When truth is found to live freely our own way.

Someone to hang on 
when my thoughts are heavy
and my legs aren’t too strong,
to kiss beneath linen sheets where most men were wrong.

I need someone 
to break my chains
and free me to follow on
to love and to be loved, to hide as if loving you were wrong.

I think about you now and then
but I don’t know your name,
you’re always inside my head
keeping me up in the endless howling rain.

If I could ask for why you smile 
Would you smile at me again?
Would you hand me down your dress
and save me from my pain?

For I know i loved you.
As soon as I saw your face.

I really need someone like you.

© HT