My First Night in Bangkok

“You’ve not had a night out in Bangkok?” I was asked with infectious enthusiasm. “It’s my first and my only night here.” I was immediately led out of the hotel bar into the brisk rain. The multi-coloured high-rises were surrounding and the unwelcoming wet season was definitely upon us. The rain was dedicating its time, attempting to ruining our evening. We ventured down into the flooding underground footpaths to reach the other side of the road. The metal detectors were ringing out this constant low vibrato hum. I pointed straight to the detector, telling my friend sarcastically “Going through that, in this weather would more than likely kill us.” I wasn’t in the business of electronics nor qualified as an electrician. Though we were enticed to go through by the lone guard, whose feet were drenched. No doubt experiencing the first base of the dreaded Trench-Foot. 

After passing through, pointlessly emptying the reservoirs from our pockets – we made it to the other stairs which led back above ground. The stairs, gushing with a constant unlimited supply of water. Still, not deterring us from a night out in Bangkok we followed up the stairs and we flagged down the nearest Tuk-Tuk and jumped aboard. The equivalent of a supermarket trolley just with bigger wheels and an engine and a five star insured professional quality driver.

At this point I hadn’t any idea where I was being taken – I just trusted in my friend taking me – but here we were being toured around Bangkok, in the rain, flung around this modified trolley like a dogs first car journey. Quickly arriving at our destination, passing the brightest lights, the tightest streets, the craziest smells, the people still going about their day-to-day as if the rain and the night had not existed or the endless supply of tourists.
It was beautiful from what I could gather. 

We arrived at Khao San Road (I believe). Bar after bar, after bar. – salesmen selling food to the interested drunken tourists even though the streets were flooded and most of the people were sheltering from the insides of whichever bar they decided to take refuge within from the ever heavier rain. I was quickly handed a large bottle of beer either a Chang or a Leo Super. Half-way through my first beer I was already being chatted up by a lady-boy but I wasn’t in the mood to be bangkoking on my only night out in Bangkok. I spend the rest of my time with my friend looking at the building in awe of where I really was. It was insane and suddenly out of nowhere people took to the streets. Dancing in the rain, Gene Kelly wouldn’t of been singing – I tell thee.
Aside from that, I’m not too sure what happened after that other than Ashley got me home in one piece but I do remember returning to the hotel – I was sharing with this guy. He was slightly younger than myself and he spoke to me previously about needing his sleep. Well what a way to properly introduce myself banging on the door as gently as a pissed Englishman could.